We like to keep it simple - firmly believing that the very best pies are a product of really good ingredients. Meat that comes from animals that have lived and eaten well, cared for by people who understand the value of their welfare and the benefits of that care to great taste.

Fruit and vegetables at their very best, freshly gathered, seasonal, local and bursting with flavour and texture. Beer and cheese are two of my personal favourites for unforgettable flavour and I have spent many happy days researching those particular ingredients to find the best. I hope you enjoy my hard labour in the pies!

When it comes to pastry, it’s certainly not a case of one type suits all. We make a wide range of different pastries to suit each of our pies to a ‘t’ - chosen for the taste and texture that will perfectly complement the fillings. Our flour millers are Heygate Flour, leading flour millers with a long tradition of using British cereals for fine British flour.

We work closely with the farmers, growers and producers to build good working relationships so we can all grow and develop together. And then we add our own special ingredients, the craftsmanship and tradition which brings together all this great produce and prepares it at the highest levels of care and hygiene to make very special pies.

Fresh fruit and veg locally produced. Local 'Stilton', also great with a pie and pint. 'Just watch the master at work son'. 'We only use outdoor reared pigs.' 'And we're local too!' Quality pies need quality flour! Just smell those freshly baked pies! Researching the best ingredients... 'your round Adam'! Best british beef from local farms! Pie-fill-osophy
Autentic British Melton Mowbray Pork & Meat Pies