Pie family... It's a way of life...

Everyone has an early memory that’s stronger than the rest; like the photograph that jumps out of the pages of the family album and brings back vivid memories of sounds, smells and tastes.

For me it’s joining in with mother at the kitchen table from a very early age, barely able to see over the table top, and helping her to rub lard and butter into the flour - the silky texture of the flour and the softness of the butter - and then being given the treat of helping to prepare and cook the meat or sweet fillings for the pies, under strict instruction of course!

Rolling the pastry was always the greatest challenge but once we’d carefully lifted the lid onto the pies ready for the oven, the wait and anticipation was almost unbearable. There I would stand, knife and fork at the ready, waiting and watching for something golden and delicious to emerge from the oven. Happy days that I have continued with my wife, passing on in turn those priceless memories (and love of a great pie!) to our sons who have joined us in our family bakery.

Over the past 30 years the whole family has been totally involved in the making, baking and selling of great ‘British Pies’. And, having won many awards over the years, we do know how to make a great pie. Using only the very best of British ingredients plus a liberal amount of our home-grown TLC we make and bake pies that are perfect for so many occasions - to enjoy on a picnic, to savour with a pint, for a tasty tea, or munching whilst watching the match and blaming the referee!

On our travels up and down the country, at farmers’ markets, food festivals and our teaching and demonstration of how to make the perfect pie, it’s clear to see that we are a nation of pie lovers and that many people share our passion.

Pie family... It's a way of life...
We have a passion for pies, we just love pie making!
We feel so strongly about it and we have such ambitious
plans for the future that we decided to put everything into
creating "Hartland Pies".
We hope you love them as much as we do!
Pie family... It's a way of life...
Autentic British Melton Mowbray Pork & Meat Pies