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The Hartland family has lived and baked in the Nottinghamshire village of Cotgrave for over fifty years, with successive generations of the Hartland family taking up the mixing spoon in pursuit of the perfect pie!

Our bakery lies just a short walk away from our family home and is, naturally the heart of our business, the place where
everyone works hard and shares ideas in open
environment designed to bring the very best of
traditional methods and new tastes together.
And what better place can there be to start a working
day than in our bakery with the aroma of freshly
baking pies filling the air? No wonder we love our
work so much!

Our range of pies includes both savoury and sweet, a glorious 
taste-bud tantalising spectrum of tastes and textures, a delicate 
balancing act of seasonings, spices - resulting in pies that we 
are proud to give our name.

Each and every pie and pastry that we make is
given total care and attention because, hand
on heart, we are truly passionate about pies.

Ian Hartland

Over the past few weeks I have developed a couple of new pies.
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